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Saturday, August 16, 2014
Hello m'lovelies, this blog post may not be that spectacular. I may be a tad bit stressed because I just spent an hour writing this post, but the weather took a bad turn which in turn slowed down my internet, and the worst possible thing happened. I. Lost. All. My. Work.

Now, you might be sat there thinking 'Chelsey, why didn't you save your work you numpty' - oh trust me, I bloody well tried! I guess I shouldn't dwell on the past... Stupid goddam internet, losing all my goddam work that I spent a whole goddam hour on... and get cracking again...

Before all this stress, I did have a lovely day with my famalam (that's family to all you unfamiliar to my weird terms). Previously this week, quite a lot of exciting things have happened; my mums birthday (Wednesday) and my AS level results (Thursday), so we thought why not celebrate by treating ourselves to something delicious. Therefore, instead of eating out in Morrisons Cafe after our weekly food shop, we decided to be a bit more adventurous and go to the Seco Lounge in the Royal William Yard, Plymouth.

For this somewhat 'special' occasion, I thought I'd dress up just a tad - here's what I wore:

Sunglasses - River Island (in the sale)
Necklace - H&M (again, in the sale - sorry)
Sweet-heart neckline jumpsuit - Fearne Cotton for Littlewoods (another sale item, what can I say? Girl loves her sales!)
Denim jacket - Hollister
Chunky sandals - New Look

Here are some, really quite awful but I'm learning, splendid shots of the Royal William Yard in all it's glory. Do not be fooled by the blue skies though, it was rather chilly - typical British weather, it's always so deceiving:

Okay guys, get ready for some super scrummy food pics:

I ordered myself a 'Sherbet Lemonade', something new that I'd never had before. However, I had tasted this before... in sweet form. It tasted exactly like the lemon sherbet sweets - extremely sour, but also refreshing. It definitely made me more awake this morning/early afternoon.
My lunch: 'Lounge Eggs' - this consisted of two poached eggs on two English muffins, covered in hollandaise sauce and served with mushrooms. Yup, I scoffed the whole thing #noregrets (and yes, I did just hashtag and ironically, I'm kind of regretting it...)
Duhhh, of course I had to get dessert. I got the 'Raspberry Frangipane Tart' served with vanilla ice cream, and oh. my. god. Just yum.

Overall, the Seco Lounge was a delightful experience! The atmosphere was so chilled, despite the bustle of the busy environment. It was so chilled and relaxed in fact, that the staff didn't wear a uniform! Now, this wasn't a problem for me, however it was hard to distinguish who worked there or not, especially as it was so busy. The food was lush, and there was so much variety! It took us ages to choose (which is not a bad thing, it just shows how good the menu is) - even my grandad had a tough time to decide which meal he was going to have, and that's saying something as he is such a fussy eater!

I urge anyone - if you are in the Plymouth area - to visit the Seco Lounge, as it isn't too bad for price and is worth every penny! However, if the Seco Lounge (for some absurd reason) doesn't tickle your fancy, please go to the Royal William Yard for a stroll around, it's absolutely beautiful and there are loads and loads of other dining options. For example, there is a fresh bakery where you can sit down and eat, Wagamamas (we all know what that is, surely), a River Cottage canteen (serving local food, mainly fishy), there's an Italian and a French restaurant also... Ooo and Las Iguanas - I think that is what it is called. Trust me, there are a lot of options!

Well, that is it from me. I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! Have you ever been to one of the 'Lounges' that are dotted across the UK? If so, how was your experience? Also, I would love to hear if you have any suggestions on good places to eat around the South West area. Thank-you so much for reading :)

Cheerio x

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