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Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Fenty Beauty finally dropped on Friday, and of course, I was downstairs at half 7 in the morning watching the countdown so that I could be one of the first to buy it. Obviously, it was not going to run smooth for me... I waited half an hour for it to go live, then waited 18 minutes to actually get onto the site as there was too much online traffic, to only find out that you can only buy the products through the Fenty Beauty website if you are buying in the US... I swear this stuff always happens to me. Thankfully, there were some wonderful ladies on twitter who advised me to look on Sephora (which had the same problem), or Harvey Nichols - which (eureka!) delivered to people in the UK... And it would arrive on the Monday!? Ri-Ri gurllll, I love ya! No offence Kylie, but 3 weeks for a lipkit? Please take notes from Rihanna and have some stock here in the UK, 'cos that wait was painful.

ANYWHO... Back to Fenty Beauty. I ordered their foundation brush, their foundation, and one of their highlighter duos... If I had the money I would have bought waaaay more, but it isn't cheap, so perhaps it wasn't a bad thing that I had little in my account lollll. 

The make-up comes in this really cool and lovely packaging - the boxes have a black, white and pink, kind of graffiti-like design. I'll just insert some pictures as I'm clearly not very good at describing!

See, it is so Rihanna - edgy and cool. However, the products themselves are stripped back and plain, emitting luxury... It's just gorgeous. 

Now for the nitty gritty part of the review: how are these products, and are they all they're made out to be?


Ugh, this foundation brush is absolutely beautiful, I mean just look at it. It's light pink, has a nice sleek shape, and although you can't physically see this... It's very very soft and smooth. It picks up and distributes product wonderfully, so that you don't actually need too much. It's a fabulous brush, and I think it could replace the foundation brush I usually use (which is a Real Techniques number). I am not saying that this brush is an absolute necessity, but if you were thinking of purchasing it then DO IT basically hahah!

This particular brush retails at $34, which is £26 in the UK. Yup, it is pretty pricey for one brush - considering I paid £32.99 on 15 brushes the other day (which I reviewed and can be read here). However, it applies foundation seamlessly, and looks stunning... I dunno, in my head it's totally worth it...


I bought this foundation in the shade 120. I am so bad at colour matching, and even more-so buying online when the product is not physically in front of me. However, somehow this colour matches me to a T! It is probably the best foundation I own in terms of matching my skin tone, so that is excellent. I tested this foundation on top of my usual primer, and it applied really well. What I will say though, is that this foundation is definitely not full coverage. On my skin, it is lightweight, and sheer, so you can still see your freckles and some imperfections, but it does get rid of redness. You can barely tell your wearing foundation, and you genuinely do not feel like you are wearing foundation either.

If you are after a foundation which literally hides your natural skin, then this is not the foundation for you. I do like how it looks though, and I think I will probably wear this foundation in the daytime. So personally, this foundation is not a holy grail... I know a lot of beauty gurus online have been raving about it, but generally, it is like any other lightweight foundation. The product packaging itself is divine, and does look high-end, but the foundation inside is nothing spectacular.

This retails at $34, which again is £26.


Now for the good stuff... HIGHLIGHTERS. I absolutely loveeeeee this duo. Mean Money is very subtle and lovely for everyday makeup, whereas Hu$tla Baby will literally make your cheekbones shine bright like a diamond (yes, the pun was intended, and yes... It was so worth it). I cannot wait to wear Hu$ta Baby on a night out, because it looks incredible. 

The formula of these highlighters is beautiful. They are buttery soft and super creamy, so it is easy to blend and apply to the face. The packaging itself is also to die for - I love the octagon design, which is imperative to this collection, and it just feels sleek. It also has a mirror inside which is fabulous! The product itself has an 'FB' embossed on each of the highlighter shades... ugh it's lush! It's the small things like that y'know, it makes all the difference. So yes, in conclusion to this little segment, the highlighters are worth the money. Trophy Wife looks especially insane!! I don't think I'd buy it though, just because I don't think it would suit my skin tone :( But all in all, I am very happy with the shade(s) I purchased.

The highlighting duo shades retail at $34 also, which... you guessed it, is £26 in the UK.

So what are my final thoughts of this collection? Well, I love Rihanna, and I am so pleased that she's been very successful with her Fenty Beauty makeup range. Personally, the foundation is not necessarily worth the hype for a full coverage makeup look, however, for everyday it is perfectly alright. The foundation brush and the highlighter duo, on the other hand, are amazing. They are totally worth the hype, and I would recommend them to my friends, and to you guys. My absolute favourite product I have reviewed (if I have to pick one) has got to be the highlighters - I like how you have a choice of a subtle shade, and a literal KILLERWATT shade. They feel and look luxurious, and are probably the best highlighters I have ever used!

You can purchase Fenty Beauty products in the UK from Harvey Nichols.

Have you tried any of the Fenty Beauty range? What did you think?

Cheerio x

BH Cosmetics Brush Review

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Monday, September 11, 2017
Make-up brushes come in all shapes and sizes, and can really vary in price and quality, so it can be quite difficult deciding which brushes to buy. One of the cheaper options out there is the BH Cosmetics brush set(s). I first saw these brush sets on a Beauty Bay advert on my Facebook, and I could hardly believe the price of the sets! All of the eyeshadow brush sets seem to come in some sort of storage, from a roll-up bag to a little decorative box, costing between £20-£32!!

Unfortunately for me, as I was scrolling through all the different options, almost all of the brush sets had sold out. After about 20 mins of looking, I eventually found the 15 Piece Rose Gold Makeup Brush Set which cost £32.99 on Beauty Bay. In comparison to the other beauty brands selling brushes on the website, it was definitely the cheapest, and the best value for money, so naturally... I caved and purchased it.

When it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised. The brushes came in a dark brown, faux leather, quilted roll-mat/bag, with a gorgeous gold detail to open/shut the mat. As for the brushes, they are also very beautiful to look at; they have a light brown handle, gold details and the brush heads are super duper soft considering how much they cost.

There seems to be 3 face brushes including a big fluffy powder brush, an angled brush which I am guessing could be used for contouring and blush, and a small foundation brush. Personally, I do not think I will be reaching for the foundation brush much, just sheerly because of its design and the size. I prefer to use either a beauty blender sponge, or a slightly dense synthetic foundation brush. As for the other two brushes, they are very soft and a good size, so I will probably use them, and I think they are a good addition to any collection.

The majority (10) of the brushes in this set are eyeshadow orientated. I am not mad about the fact that there are so many eyeshadow brushes in this set, as I like to have options... When applying your base make-up you only need 3-4 brushes, so I am not bothered at the fact that there are only 3 face brushes in comparison to 10 eyeshadow brushes.

However, what I will say is that there are loads of the same style brush... which does make me slightly mad, as it isn't even the most useful shape! They are all flat - good for applying concealer for a cut crease, and also more glittery shades on top of that... But, you only really need 2 (maybe 3) brushes for that. Why do we need so many of that style?! I just don't get it! Literally, the only variation of it is the size!

In the set, there is a tapered blending brush. It is the fluffiest eyeshadow brush in this set, and is my favourite. It collects product like a dream, and blends it out super easy, and it is nice and soft on the eye. I cannot recommend that brush enough! There are 2 eyeliner brushes - one fine, and one angled... I don't tend to use these type of brushes, but they seem pretty sturdy and soft, so I think they will work fine.

There is also a small tapered blending brush, which I used it to blend a darker colour into my crease. It isn't as easy to work with as the fluffier blending brush, but it isn't terrible and does the job. It isn't as soft; it is denser, so perhaps that is why it didn't blend as easy as the other one. It's no biggie though, as it isn't the worst brush I have ever used. Another brush included is the tapered smudge brush, which I used like a pencil brush - I am not entirely sure if they are the same thing, but yeah. I used it under my eye and it did an amazing job. It dragged the colour out easily, and felt nice on my skin. Again, it did the job, so I would recommend this brush!

Finally, there is a spooled brush and a brow and lash grooming brush. Not essential in a brush set, but are very handy - especially if you have to deal with a clumpy mascara!

All in all, I believe this set does deliver in terms of the quality. The price really is exceptional for its high quality, soft brushes that really do do the job that is at hand. However, I am disappointed with the lack of variety with the eyeshadow brushes. I think it would be much more beneficial to include a couple of other fluffy brushes, just so you can use a clean brush to further blend out the edges. I would happily recommend this companies brushes to a friend, I would suggest possibly looking for one with more of a range of eyeshadow brushes, but it isn't any biggie!

Unfortunately this set is sold out on Beauty Bay, however, the BH Cosmetics site has loads of there brush sets still available... And they are on sale! It is in US dollars, however it does state that they do international shipping! You can purchase the 15 Piece Rose Gold Makeup Brush Set online here for $14.73 - an absolute bargain if you ask me! Go get it!!


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Friday, September 08, 2017

Yeah I know, I haven't been around in a while... But I am back, and I am here with some favourites. All of these things I have been loving throughout the summer months - mainly August, and I cannot wait to share some of these things with you guys!


I am the laziest person ever when it comes to skincare, however I have made more of an effort this summer (no more Simple skincare wipes!). Finally, I have found a skincare routine that not only do I stick to, but actually works for my skin.

First on my list of skincare favourites has got to be the Garnier Micellar Water(s). They are so good at taking every ounce of make-up off, and it leaves your skin feeling so soft and refreshed. They are amazing - certainly a step up from using make-up remover wipes! I've actually emptied the Garnier SkinActive Oil-Infused Micellar Cleansing Water, which is ideal for taking Matte lipsticks off, such as Kylie cosmetics liquid lipsticks, because of the oil. Currently, I am using the normal Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water which does take off my makeup fine, but I definitely would recommend the Oil Infused Water just because it takes off the most stubborn of make-up. The Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water retails at £4.99 in Boots, and the Garnier SkinActive Oil-Infused Cleansing Water retails at £5.99 in Boots (however, they are both currently on offer, so go go go!!).

I was umm-ing and ahh-ing about whether I should include this next item, as whilst doing my research, it looks like it has been discontinued. However, I have been using this product throughout summer, so it would be wrong for me not to honour it in my favourites. This product is Lush's Ayesha Fresh Face Mask, and I am pretty gutted that it has been discontinued. As you have to keep it in the fridge, it is very cooling on the skin. I use it once every 1-2 weeks, and it really makes my skin so super soft, and is something I use after exfoliating. It does look a bit silly when you have it on - but don't all face masks? Haha! I am sure that other Lush face masks are just as lovely, but I can't really say as I have not tried the rest in their collection.

The last of my skincare favourites can definitely still be bought from various shops, so do not worry! It is the Nip+Fab Dragons Blood Fix Plumping Serum which I bought randomly from Superdrug on offer for £9.95 - and I believe that offer is still on, so if you want to give it a go, I recommend getting it now, as it's normal retail price is £19.95 (which is pretty expensive if you ask me). This serum is something I did not know I wanted/needed in my life. You put a small amount on your face before moisturising, and oh my god, once your moisturiser is on top, it makes your skin feel amazing - more-so than what your moisturiser alone would do! I feel like it brightens my skin as well, which is a plus. Also, I don't know what dragon's blood is, but I felt Game of Thrones vibes, so that's what drew me to it... It was worth the purchase though, as it has made it to my favourites!


I don't tend to wear much make-up in the day, so most of the make-up mentioned are items I have used for a night out on the tooooon. Firstly, I have got to mention the Urban Decay Naked 3 eyeshadow palette. I know - everyone has heard of it, everyone has probably moved on to the Naked Heat palette, but honestly the Naked 3 palette has been my Holy Grail for nights out! I do not tend to use any other eyeshadows but the one's that are in this palette. I like how you can achieve various eye looks using it: from a barely there daytime look, to a bronze-y smokey eye. I just love it!! I luckily got it for Christmas (or my birthday... can't remember oops!) from my boyfriend, but it retails for £39.50 in most shops, and can be bought here.

Had to pull this image from the website as I think I lost mine on a night out :( So gutted... gonna have to get myself a new one!

I also absolutely adore the Kylie Cosmetics Kristen Lip Kit. I know the matte lipsticks are very hit and miss, but honestly, this formula and the colour are both equally lush! It is not drying whatsoever on the lips - which I have found with Exposed. Kristen sits so nicely on the lips that you cannot even feel it. I genuinely feel like this colour would suit every skin tone - it's a nice rosy colour, and I have been loving wearing this on nights out. It retails at $29 on Kylie Cosmetics. Living in the UK, you will be hit by a nasty shipping and customs cost, so I recommend teaming up with a couple of friends, so that it cuts those costs into 3, as honestly it is so ridiculous to be paying the full amount on your own.

Also had to pull this from online - I used mine to death, so unfortunately, they're living in the bin

The last piece in the make-up portion of my favourites has got to be some false eyelashes. I am a complete newbie in the false eyelash world, and I cannot believe I haven't been wearing them sooner. Because of my eye shape, I do not think I suit full length falsies, and I have recently discovered accent lashes. They are only half the length of normal false eyelashes, and just sit on the outer corner of your lashes, giving them a flirty, cat-eye-ish look. My absolute favourite of this style has got to be the Eyelure Enchanted Strip False Lashes - Camellia, and retails at £5.25 in Superdrug. Ahhh I literally cannot explain my love for them, they are just so lovely. Of course I wear these on nights out, but I also wear them on date nights/days. If you have small eyes like me, I cannot recommend these enough. They don't overshadow your eyes, your eye make-up is still visible... they're fab!


I'm only going to mention a couple of items in this section, as there are only 2 things I have been wearing religiously over the summer months. The first clothing item is a black denim skirt from Topshop. Sounds boring, but it because of the lace-up parts on the front, it completely transforms it into something much more trendy. I have had so many compliments on this skirt and it literally goes with anything. I'll insert some pictures of how I've been wearing it, but I wear it both day and night... It's so versatile!! Unfortunately, it looks like they no longer sell it in the normal range, however, you can pick it up in their Petite range for £34 here.

In the day, I pair it with a t-shirt that I tuck in. The one in the photo is by Tee + Cake I believe, it says 'you grow girl' and has 3 plants on it... I love it! I also wear a small blue metallic bag pack which is from New Look. For the night, I always pair it with a body suit. I apologise for the picture, but it was the only one I could find (who is with me on buying lots of food at the end of the night tho?!). The bodysuit in the picture is from Toyshop - it has off-the-shoulder details, and is a fine stripe pattern.

Another summer staple has been my Topshop sandals (I swear I just live in Topshop). My sandals are looking a little worse for wear now as I have been wearing them pretty much every day, no matter what the weather is! They just look cool with anything, and are so comfy! Unfortunately, I can't find them online, but they could still be in your nearest Topshop store, so have a little rummage in there! Otherwise, I did just have a little peruse online, and they do have quite a lot of lovely sandals, so don't worry, there are lot's of other options.


First for my randoms section has absolutely got to be the Sainsbury's Vintage Cheddar Mac & Cheese from their Taste the Difference range. Yes, I could probably make this myself, but I am lazy, and I would make an awful mess making my own version, so I do buy ready made... I'm sorry! However, this is absolutely delicious! It is so cheesy, they use lovely big pasta (not the usual macaroni pasta), and cover it in breadcrumbs... mmmmmmm. I am a little weird and add sweet chilli sauce on top of mine, just to give it extra flavour, but it is such a nice ready made meal. I have tried other macaroni cheese ready meals and they are disgusting. Please try it, I promise it is yummy! (It costs £3.50 by the way - a bit pricey, but worth it if you want to treat yourself!).

My final favourite has got to be my phone case, which I purchased in the Urban Outfitters online sale. It is so extra and cute... I love it! It gets a lol from people that I'm with, but I just like how it looks on my phone - and I am in the process of decorating my room, so I feel like it just goes with the aesthetic... Too much? Probably, but whatever. I think Urban Outfitters have called the phone cases 'furry things', which is adorable. I also purchased a screen protector from Urban Outfitters, and it just ties the whole 'look' of my phone together. It has gold mini splatters on the top and bottom panels of my phone, which I believe are meant to be cheetah spots? I'm not sure, but I love how snazzy you can make your phone look whilst protecting it! Unfortunately, you can no longer purchase the pink fluffy phone case, however there is a blue one still available for iPhone 7's which you can purchase for £5 in the sale here. The screen protector retails at £6 currently in the sale and can be bought here. If you are a student (like moi), you can use the UNIDAYS discount code to get extra off - I remember my case eventually cost £2.70 so yeah, go check out the sale items!

So there you have it, my summer favourites!! I cannot believe Autumn is almost upon us, summer has literally flown by! I don't mind though, I love Autumn/Winter for the clothes and getting cosy. What about you guys, are you sad summer is coming to an end, or are you like me?

Stay tuned for more posts! I have so many planned so keep an eye out. Obviously, I cannot promise being consistent at the moment as I am about to go into my final year of university (?!), but I will try my very best!

Cheerio x

WONDERLAND: Glastonbury 2017

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Thursday, June 29, 2017
Hey guys!

It's been like a year, yet again, I am so sorry. But it has been pretty hectic with uni, and also, not a lot has been happening in my mediocre life. However, something very exciting happened last weekend, and it was probably one of the best weekends of my life... Not even exaggerating.

I finally managed to tick something off the bucket list... Glastonbury festival!!! If any of you guys are thinking of going, I urge you to do it because there is no other festival (that I have been to, at least) that is like it!

So to kind of prepare anyone I thought I'd split this post up into sections so you know exactly what to expect before the festival, during, and also after. I am no expert as this was only my first time going, however I have been to several festivals in the past, so I am hoping that experience will come in handy.


You are required to make an account, and then take a picture, kind of passport style, and upload it to the website. This is a simple process and does not take long to do. I think you can do this whenever, so even though the next Glasto festival won't be until 2019, you can probably sort this step out now! Once this step is done, it can be used for years after. You must do this, as your picture will be used on your ticket, with all your details. At the gates of the festival, when they check your tickets, the volunteers do look at your pictures, and also may ask you what your postcode is etc, to ensure that it is actually you going to the festival.


I cannot lie, this was probably one of the stressful things I have ever been through. My boyfriend and I had set up several devices: an iPad, 2 laptops and 2 phones - all to try and nab some tickets. We set the ticket purchase page up on every device around 20 mins before they even went on sale, just to make sure the internet was okay and the website worked on everything, which I recommend doing.

Another thing I highly recommend doing is team up with some mates/family members who also want to go to the festival, as you can purchase up to 6 tickets in one go, and this also increases your chances of getting your hands on a ticket. We teamed up with 2 other friends, who also had several devices set up. Make sure you give them your identification number/post code... All the information that the Glastonbury website tells you to have on hand, as this is the only way you yourself can have a ticket.

During the ticket purchasing process, as so many people are on the website, the system puts everyone into a queue, so you must keep refreshing the page, or wait until the webpage itself refreshes after 20 or so seconds. Now, even though Sam and I had 5 devices, only Sam managed to get through to putting details in to purchase the tickets - but even then it would not let him buy the tickets. This was after about half an hour - an hour, so be prepared to spend a long evening inside. We started to panic because of the fact we could not purchase the tickets, however, one of our friends did manage to get through successfully!! This is why teaming up with friends is pretty crucial to the success of if you get a ticket.

At this time, be prepared to pay a deposit of £50. This money will come straight out of the person who initially bought the ticket(s) account, so if you did team up, be sure to transfer the money to them. You will not have to pay the rest until around April time, which you can make in your own time, but you have around 3 weeks to pay the full amount I believe. And eventually your ticket will arrive at around 3 weeks before the actual festival.


Sam and I got a coach from our nearest coach station, this did not come in the ticket + coach travel package however, as those tickets sold out almost straight away. We travelled with National Express, and there were absolutely no delays, the customer service is fab, and it is just easy travel. The only problem I can think of is that both coaches to and from the festival were freezing, as the air con was on full blast. But that's it really... Just wrap up warm if you are travelling with them!

Alternatively, our friends travelled via the train, which stopped at Castle Cary, and then got a shuttle bus to and from the festival. This is a very popular option, and I know it was quite stressful, as they had a lot of luggage, and their connecting train was about to leave just as they got off their first train. On the way home from the festival, the queue for the shuttle bus to the train station was hugeeee! I think they said it was a 3 hour wait, so if you are planning to commute to the festival in this way, make sure to pack light, and on the Monday, pack up and start queuing verryyy early... Maybe aim to be at the gate for around 6-7am (crazy I know).

I do recommend getting a coach, because you do not even have to queue, and it is very much a stress free experience, which is ideal... Especially when coming home, and all you want to do is sleep!


Our coach arrived at the festival (Pedestrian gate A), at 5:10am (20 minutes earlier than we had planned!). You have to drag your stuff through, and basically just sit and wait for like 3 hours, before the gates open at 8am. Once the gates were open it was so plain sailing, there were no queues, we just breezed through the bag checks, had our tickets checked over and ripped, and then straight on to get the festival wrist band. You also are provided with a Glastonbury magazine and lanyard which contains a guide and timetable. To be honest, we did not even use the magazine or guide, as we had the app - which is so ideal. There is a timetable, which you can pick and choose what acts you want to see, and also a map in which you can put the location of where you are/any meeting points, and then share that with your mates so that you can find each-other... SO HANDY!

Anywho, once you get through that, you follow the path, have a map handy (e.g. a reason why the app is so ideal!), and find the campsite that you would like to go to. Thankfully, there are a lot of stewards/volunteers on site to steer you in the right direction. We camped on Hitchin Hill, which was good as it was so close to our gate. Also, it happened to be the hottest day of the year on the day that we arrived, so we wanted to be as close as possible, so that we did not die in the heat haha!

Arriving at the festival early meant that we could pick anywhere on the field to camp, so we camped slightly up the hill, but also near-ish to the path with sort of close proximity to the toilets - so it was easy to get to the tent, and not too far to walk to the loos when you are bursting to pee in the mornings! Also, we were not close enough to the toilets to smell the awful stench, which was ideal. I felt so sorry for the people who decided to camp near them, because on such a hot day with so many people in the campsite... Well, you can only imagine what the smell was like by the end of the day. Pretty grim eh?


I cannot tell you word for word what I did at the festival day by day, as the days all seem to have merged into one! But I can give some recommendations, and recall some really good/funny things that did happen to me.

On the first and second day (the Wednesday and Thursday), the big main acts have not actually started, so it is recommended that you just explore the whole festival on these days, as when the acts start, you are not gonna really have much chance... And also, the queues for certain areas *cough* the South-East corner *cough* are pretty big, and slightly terrifying!

We tried to do as much exploring as possible on the Wednesday, but as it was so hot, I genuinely thought I was gonna die haha! Like, it kind of became a joke throughout the rest of the festival, as we'd walk past many different places and be like 'Oh, there's the place that Chelsey died' ... There was a fair few of these spots, as I do not cope well in the blazing heat. If you do experience a sweltering hot day at Glastonbury festival, bring a hat, or buy one. In fact... bring an umbrella, as many people were using them for shade - such a clever idea! There is hardly any shade in the festival, and anything you do find is pretty pointless as it is still so hot, and it is way too hot to just sit in the tent. Obviously keep drinking plenty of water - there are water points at every toilet area you see, and there are also water aid mini huts where they re-fill your water for free dotted about, so keep your eyes peeled for those. Sun cream is also a must-have!!!

It's funny because all I was going to take to the festival were wellies, but then I checked the weather before we went and ended up only taking converses (I was going to take my wellies as well, but it turned out that they were broken). I did buy some wellies on the 3rd/4th day as it did drizzle a teeny bit, but I don't actually think I needed them. But yeah, who'd have thought... A whole festival with no wellies!? Crazy!! Just keep checking the weather forecast before you go, and if you do not take wellies and it does rain, don't panic!! There are loads of camping shops in the festival. I managed to pick up some wellies for £15! Not too shabby!

On the first and second day, also try to watch some smaller bands, because there are lot's of hidden gems! Possibly check the timetable though - we wanted to watch a local band in one of the smaller fields, but it was closed off because of the firework display which they have every year to mark the start of the festival. We were not allowed in because of possible stampedes... Hardly anyone came out, and we missed half of the bands set because of it... What a joke.

This is now where my memory of the different days and stuff gets a bit hazy, so the post may start to be a bit here, there and everywhere. We saw this really funny act called Lekiddo Lord of the Lobsters, who is a singer and is in the theatre and circus area on a small stage. I don't know if he is a joke act, or if he is being serious... The whole time we were there, I felt like I was watching a Britain's Got Talent audition, but needless to say, he put us all in a really good mood, and became a sort of inside joke for the whole festival between myself and my friends. He made us pretend to be lobsters, and kept calling us his beautiful little pinchy pinchy kiss kiss people (I think.. It was hard to make out haha!). But yeah, if you are up for a lol, I definitely recommend seeing him as he goes every year that Glastonbury is on.

I have to say that the best memories are not even really the music, it's at night when you are all really tipsy, all the main stage acts are over, and you are just wandering through the festival grounds. One night, we saw a random passed out guy in the middle of one of the fields where people were selling food/clothes etc, and my boyfriend and friend decided to lie down next to him... Next thing we know is that a whole gospel choir surrounds them in a circle, filming them, and singing Kumbaya to them. Was so surreal and so so funny - I cried with laughter.

Another funny and random moment was that we found a piano in the same field, and started playing on it, pretending that we were headliners and shizz. And the only other really random and funny moment I can think of is that we were walking back to our tents, and one of the food stalls we walked past was selling squid, and they were playing some absolute tunes. This random girl was stood on top of the squid place's table, asking if we would come and dance with her, and I went... my friends followed, and loads of other people joined... And then a crowd formed. It was so funny! And then I fell off of the table which was lols.

My top 3 acts were Major Laser, Foo Fighters and Ed Sheehan (of course... love that guy)! I did not manage to watch the whole of the Foo Fighters set as my friends all wanted to watch Fatboy Slim expecting him to play all of his tunes, but he didn't and was like any other DJ... just remixed loads of music with no lyrics. So if you are thinking that Fatboy Slim is going to be amazing, and theres another act that you really want to see that is on at the same time... DO NOT DO IT... Go and watch the other act, honestly, was the biggest waste of time!

Also, Arcadia... definitely watch the metamorphosis show from a distance if you are planning on watching it. It was actually pretty boring, and we tried to get right near the front... BIG mistake!!! We got bored quite fast, and it was an absolute nightmare to try and navigate the way out without losing each-other. I have never seen so many people. I felt like a sardine in a tin, like there was no way to move efficiently. You were pretty much stuck - it was a pretty awful experience. So yeah, I don't really recommend watching the Arcadia show.

With regards to any TBA acts, if you are curious and you have heard of some good rumours, make your way over to the stage as early as possible. A really good one this year was The Killers, and we really wanted to go, we got to the gate around an hour early, but they would not let us, or anyone else in because it was so so busy! We were so gutted, but that is now something to bare in mind for next time.

In terms of food, there is so so so much choice!! And all the food that they do have there, that I tried, is amazing!! We were camped near this place called Lulu's cafĂ© and they did the most amazing Mac and Cheese - I was hooked, and ended up eating that before I went to sleep every night... It was insane! Their sausage breakfast baps were also lovely. Other places for food were also so nice - so much variety. So if you are camping with a fussy eater, or you are one yourself, do not worry- there will be something there for you! Something to bare in mind though is that all food ranged from around £6-£10... I did spend an awful lot of money on food (worth it though... food = bae).

Drink wise - I did not actually spend much on drink as I bought enough alcohol with me to last the whole festival, so woo go me! Haha! That is actually a good thing to note - the reason why Glastonbury is so different and unique to other festivals in the UK is that you can take your alcohol absolutely anywhere with you! It is not an arena festival!! Like you just walk around and stumble upon a stage... At festivals like Reading and Boardmasters, you can only drink your own drink in the campsite, as all the stages are in one place, and you have to show security your wristband and they check your bags every time you go into the arena. So yeah, you do save money in that respect. At Glastonbury, I did have a smoothie and a milkshake, and they were both delicious!! They were around £3.50 for a small drink - expensive, but you are not having it everyday, and a small is filling enough.

There is a lot to do at this festival, so when there are no acts on that you are interested in, then you can take a trip to the Healing fields and have a nice massage, or go to other areas and take part in arts and crafts, or games... There is just so much to do, you cannot ever be bored!! You will hardly ever be in your tents, so invest in a bumbag for important bits, and a backpack for alcohol/any other beverage haha.

I think that's pretty much all I have to cover!! There are some photo's and videos on my Instagram which is @chelsey_jo, if you are interested in having a little gander! Sorry that this is such a long post, but I really wanted to capture everything to try and help you guys if you are thinking of buying a ticket in the future - which I totally urge you to do! If you do go, I hope you have a magical and wonderful time! And if you also went this year, or any years before, how did you find it?



First Impressions: Acrylic Nails

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

I have finally let my girly side loose, and have indulged in having my nails done. As you can already tell from the title of this post, I haven't just got MY nails done, I've gone all out and have had a lush set of acrylics done. So, as this is my first time experiencing the hype of acrylic nails, I thought it would only be right to share my opinions with you lovely lot!

First things first - Why did I finally get acrylics?
Not only have I been wanting them done for ages, but I'm going to a festival so thought it was a good time to get some cool and bright nails. I absolutely love them - if I wasn't going to a festival I would probably have nude nails with a more subtle design, and a little bit trimmed off of the length (which I have already planned for my next visit to the salon) - but for now I am in love with the colour, design and length... Just the overall look in general!

However, as this is my first time having super long nails, I have noticed some difficulties in handling things in general... The small things in life that you wouldn't normally even blink an eyelid at! For example, I went into town to go shopping immediately after having them done, and trying to zip and button up some shorts I was trying on was a bit of a laugh - I had to get my mate to do them up for me haha! Also, typing up this post is taking its time, yet I am quickly learning that practice makes perfect, and I will get used to doing these little tasks soon!

The positives definitely outweigh the minor negatives though, I mean, just look at them!! Not only do I feel super girly (which I love), but they are fab! Also, what girl doesn't love a pamper every now and again? I can't wait to rock these at the festival next weekend, and am super looking forward to my next trip to the salon :)

As always, thanks for reading. Have any of you guys had acrylics? What's your best and worst experiences with them? Let me know!


WONDERLAND: Bargain Bristol Trip

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Thursday, August 04, 2016

After hearing that return tickets to Bristol were only £5 (!?) - please bare in mind that this is really good as where I live is a considerable distance away - my boyfriend asked if I wanted to go and spend the night over there. Now, Bristol may seem a bit random, but the only thing I had ever seen of Bristol in person is the airport, and I was intrigued as to what the city had to offer. (Not that hearing there is a Victoria's Secret in the shopping centre tempted my decision at all...)

So off on the snazzy-looking coach we went, and after a 3 hour and a bit journey we had arrived to a gloomy looking Bristol - Cabot Circus to be precise! Which meant it was a bit of a trek to our hotel, ibis Bristol Centre, located on the waterfront. Y'know what though? I didn't even mind the trek to the hotel because the location was lovely! We were surrounded by restaurants, a futuristic-looking mirrored ball thing (I think its connected to the Aquarium, so I'm guessing you'll be able to go inside), the River Avon and loads of poke-stops - yes I am on the Pokemon Go bandwagon at 19 years of age... I dunno whether I should be proud or ashamed probably ashamed, but I'm not as bad as my boyfriend who was on it quite a lot:

 See, I even caught him in the act - he was only catching a Golbat as well?! Ridiculous! Nah I'm only kidding, I ended up being just as much of a nerd/loser.

Okay, well you're probably wondering about Bristol and how I saw it. Luckily for you guys I did take a few snaps, I didn't take any of Cabot Circus unfortunately, but I'm sure you'll see it on google or whatever!

 Those photos were all on our way to our hotel! The mirrored ball thing I was yapping on about earlier and water feature were literally right outside our hotel which I thought was pretty cool. The shopping centre itself however was a 20-25 minute walk, which might seem like a bit of a trek, but to be honest it isn't actually too far and it's nice to wonder around and see what Bristol has to offer - and yes, Victoria's Secret was amazing!

I have a few more pictures from our evening where we went to this AMAZINGGGGG food place called Za Za Bazaar. It's a buffet style restaurant which was like a 2 minute walk, if that, from where we were staying. You might be thinking 'buffet? Well that doesn't sound very appealing', but it is totally different to any other buffet-style restaurant that I have encountered. They have different stations: one for Indian cuisine, another for European (so pasta, pizza, fish 'n' chips etc etc), Tex-Mex (burgers, hot dogs, burrito's etc), Far East (Chinese take-away style food), Salad - but who really cares about salad at a buffet!?, and Desserts! Also, at some stations you can ask the chef to cook you something and they make it for you right before your eyes! I didn't take pictures of how cool it is inside, but I did take a picture of our food, but it doesn't do it justice AT ALL, cos we both just piled on the food, not bothered by the presentation.

Anywho these are the evening pics!

Yeah this pic reallyyyyy doesn't do it justice, but just trust me that this is the best buffet place ever! Also, great if you have kids - they have anything and everything. I have a younger sister, so I know how fussy they can be!

After our pigging out sesh, we felt like we had to go and walk it off (which didn't really work, as I probably put on 2 stone in one sitting haha!)

Once our night in the hotel was up, we rushed to Wetherspoons to add some more fuel, then quickly looked around Cabot Circus for any last minute bits, to then catch the coach back home in order to get back in time for MTV Crashes!! (Might do a blog post on it... don't know if I can remember to much of it though hehe).

Although not normally known to be a place to have a bit of a 'getaway', Bristol is actually quite a snazzy place - especially where we were staying. The food is amazing, so if you're a foodie like me, definitely go!! The shopping is pretty spot on as well, which has been made even better with their recent-ish edition of Victoria's Secret! Have any of you been to Bristol, or even live there? Is there anywhere I should check out if I go up again?

Hope you're all having a lovely summer!!

Cheerio xo