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Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Fenty Beauty finally dropped on Friday, and of course, I was downstairs at half 7 in the morning watching the countdown so that I could be one of the first to buy it. Obviously, it was not going to run smooth for me... I waited half an hour for it to go live, then waited 18 minutes to actually get onto the site as there was too much online traffic, to only find out that you can only buy the products through the Fenty Beauty website if you are buying in the US... I swear this stuff always happens to me. Thankfully, there were some wonderful ladies on twitter who advised me to look on Sephora (which had the same problem), or Harvey Nichols - which (eureka!) delivered to people in the UK... And it would arrive on the Monday!? Ri-Ri gurllll, I love ya! No offence Kylie, but 3 weeks for a lipkit? Please take notes from Rihanna and have some stock here in the UK, 'cos that wait was painful.

ANYWHO... Back to Fenty Beauty. I ordered their foundation brush, their foundation, and one of their highlighter duos... If I had the money I would have bought waaaay more, but it isn't cheap, so perhaps it wasn't a bad thing that I had little in my account lollll. 

The make-up comes in this really cool and lovely packaging - the boxes have a black, white and pink, kind of graffiti-like design. I'll just insert some pictures as I'm clearly not very good at describing!

See, it is so Rihanna - edgy and cool. However, the products themselves are stripped back and plain, emitting luxury... It's just gorgeous. 

Now for the nitty gritty part of the review: how are these products, and are they all they're made out to be?


Ugh, this foundation brush is absolutely beautiful, I mean just look at it. It's light pink, has a nice sleek shape, and although you can't physically see this... It's very very soft and smooth. It picks up and distributes product wonderfully, so that you don't actually need too much. It's a fabulous brush, and I think it could replace the foundation brush I usually use (which is a Real Techniques number). I am not saying that this brush is an absolute necessity, but if you were thinking of purchasing it then DO IT basically hahah!

This particular brush retails at $34, which is £26 in the UK. Yup, it is pretty pricey for one brush - considering I paid £32.99 on 15 brushes the other day (which I reviewed and can be read here). However, it applies foundation seamlessly, and looks stunning... I dunno, in my head it's totally worth it...


I bought this foundation in the shade 120. I am so bad at colour matching, and even more-so buying online when the product is not physically in front of me. However, somehow this colour matches me to a T! It is probably the best foundation I own in terms of matching my skin tone, so that is excellent. I tested this foundation on top of my usual primer, and it applied really well. What I will say though, is that this foundation is definitely not full coverage. On my skin, it is lightweight, and sheer, so you can still see your freckles and some imperfections, but it does get rid of redness. You can barely tell your wearing foundation, and you genuinely do not feel like you are wearing foundation either.

If you are after a foundation which literally hides your natural skin, then this is not the foundation for you. I do like how it looks though, and I think I will probably wear this foundation in the daytime. So personally, this foundation is not a holy grail... I know a lot of beauty gurus online have been raving about it, but generally, it is like any other lightweight foundation. The product packaging itself is divine, and does look high-end, but the foundation inside is nothing spectacular.

This retails at $34, which again is £26.


Now for the good stuff... HIGHLIGHTERS. I absolutely loveeeeee this duo. Mean Money is very subtle and lovely for everyday makeup, whereas Hu$tla Baby will literally make your cheekbones shine bright like a diamond (yes, the pun was intended, and yes... It was so worth it). I cannot wait to wear Hu$ta Baby on a night out, because it looks incredible. 

The formula of these highlighters is beautiful. They are buttery soft and super creamy, so it is easy to blend and apply to the face. The packaging itself is also to die for - I love the octagon design, which is imperative to this collection, and it just feels sleek. It also has a mirror inside which is fabulous! The product itself has an 'FB' embossed on each of the highlighter shades... ugh it's lush! It's the small things like that y'know, it makes all the difference. So yes, in conclusion to this little segment, the highlighters are worth the money. Trophy Wife looks especially insane!! I don't think I'd buy it though, just because I don't think it would suit my skin tone :( But all in all, I am very happy with the shade(s) I purchased.

The highlighting duo shades retail at $34 also, which... you guessed it, is £26 in the UK.

So what are my final thoughts of this collection? Well, I love Rihanna, and I am so pleased that she's been very successful with her Fenty Beauty makeup range. Personally, the foundation is not necessarily worth the hype for a full coverage makeup look, however, for everyday it is perfectly alright. The foundation brush and the highlighter duo, on the other hand, are amazing. They are totally worth the hype, and I would recommend them to my friends, and to you guys. My absolute favourite product I have reviewed (if I have to pick one) has got to be the highlighters - I like how you have a choice of a subtle shade, and a literal KILLERWATT shade. They feel and look luxurious, and are probably the best highlighters I have ever used!

You can purchase Fenty Beauty products in the UK from Harvey Nichols.

Have you tried any of the Fenty Beauty range? What did you think?

Cheerio x
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