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Saturday, August 23, 2014
Yesterday, I had a wonderful time having a girly shopping trip with my friend. We literally shopped till we dropped, and decided that at 5 o'clock we needed to refuel. So, we took a trip to The Caffeine Club, a place in which I had never been to before, but oh boy, will I be going again! That place is the hub of food porn I swear... Yup, I went there. I was overwhelmed by the menu... There was SO MUCH CHOICE! In the end, my friend and I ordered a plate of nachos to share and Nutella hot chocolates (!?). The nachos were not your ordinary nachos though, oh no. These nachos you physically had to dig for under a delicious mountain of salsa, melted cheese and jalapenos! It was a dream... a yummy, delightful dream.
Credit goes to my friend, Kas, for this photo!

(Just in case you were wondering who that is in the picture, that is indeed my friend Kas)

Now, a trip with a friend can never end without a couple of snapchats...

I must say, looking at all these scrummy pictures has made me get food envy... Of myself, so weird haha! Sorry if you now have food envy too! But it does look good, am I right? It certainly tasted amazing!

Hope you all have had a lovely, delightful day!

Cheerio x

P.S: Sorry if the picture quality isn't up to scratch, it's because I had to take them on my phone, or they were taken on my friends phone!

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