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WONDERLAND: A glimpse of Jard-sur-mer, France

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Friday, July 22, 2016
Leaving the wet British weather and arriving at La Rochelle airport, which is basked in 30 degree heat is something not to complain about. My best friend and I were so excited about being in such hot weather after being stuck in the rain for several weeks.

The airport itself was pleasant, as it is a tiny little place - no getting lost or confused - you literally show your passport and once you turn the corner, the exit is right in front of you. This is not like Bristol, where I found myself feeling slightly overwhelmed by the zig-zag ques and different gates. 

The drive from the airport to Jard-sur-mer is quite a long one, taking around 1 hour and 10 minutes, which I suppose doesn't sound that long. However, the land is so flat and the only thing you can see are golden fields, with the odd shop dotted around for miles. This can actually be quite boring, and also in the 30 degree heat, it was enough to drive you mad. Yet, this was fine on the way in, as myself and my friend were too excited to be in a different country to care, however, on the way back it did drag.

Now, as for Jard-sur-mer itself, I cannot say too much about it unfortunately. We stayed on a campsite which was 15/20 mins away from the beach, and also the town which is located in the opposite direction. The only reason I can't say too much is because I got a severe heat-rash which covered my entire face, neck, chest, stomach, back and arms (so severe that  I am still trying to get rid of it now!!), and my friend felt feverish, so we spent most of our time locked up inside the caravan, pretty much glued to the fan!

However, on the first day, we were fine and were keen to explore a bit of the area! We began to walk towards the beach, and at 34 degrees with absolutely no shade to stay under, we could feel ourselves starting to suffer. The walk felt longer than 15 minutes, and after following the signs that were labelled 'plage' we managed to find the beach, which was a big relief! The beach looked lovely and the sea was so inviting. Yet, my friend felt so ill, so we took off to the cafe which overlooked the sea. It was a cute little cafe, and I was chuffed to bits when I heard Beyonce tunes being played over-and-over. The poor woman behind the bar couldn't fully understand English, so I didn't get some of my order, however she was so sweet that I didn't care. 

After our little break, we made our way back to the campsite, and that is where we stayed for the rest of our trip :( we even had to book an earlier flight as we were meant to arrive back in the UK on Saturday the 23rd! Can I just give a little shout-out to EasyJet for such a pleasant experience! The cancellation process for the flight on Saturday was so easy, and I got a refund without even asking for one, so I am chuffed with their customer service!

I'll place some photos below! Even though I didn't get to fully experience the area, I would urge anyone to go there for some summer sun! It's only an hour flight from Bristol Airport, and the weather is stifling hot - so any sun worshippers would love it out there! I found the bars relatively cheap, and the people there are lovely.

I am gutted that I had to leave early! Have any of you guys visited the area? Let me know how you found it!!


The Thin Stripe Body

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Wednesday, July 06, 2016
I love a little retail therapy, and recently - after a short period of different shopping trips - I have gathered some pieces for summer and nights out. However, I have been most impressed with this stripy bodysuit, that has thin strap and a floaty off-the-shoulder detail. It is so easy to wear, and can be worn both in the summer days and nights. For only £19, I believe this is a pretty darn good investment. You can find the bodysuit here.


For the day-time, I have paired the bodysuit with a button-up denim skirt from Topshop and a black suede tie-neck choker. I finished the look with some flats to add comfort whilst roaming around in the summer sun.

The blue denim version of this skirt is no longer available, however you can still buy the black one here for £29.
The black suede choker can be found in New Look (or online) for £5.99.


Wearing the same bodysuit and necklace as the day look, I wore a black skirt that looks a lot like a skort from the front which I borrowed from a friend, with my chunky black New Look heels.

You can find heels similar to mine here.

Do you have an item of clothing that can do both day and night looks? Let me know in the comment section below! Hope you are all having a lovely summer :)