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First Impressions: Acrylic Nails

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

I have finally let my girly side loose, and have indulged in having my nails done. As you can already tell from the title of this post, I haven't just got MY nails done, I've gone all out and have had a lush set of acrylics done. So, as this is my first time experiencing the hype of acrylic nails, I thought it would only be right to share my opinions with you lovely lot!

First things first - Why did I finally get acrylics?
Not only have I been wanting them done for ages, but I'm going to a festival so thought it was a good time to get some cool and bright nails. I absolutely love them - if I wasn't going to a festival I would probably have nude nails with a more subtle design, and a little bit trimmed off of the length (which I have already planned for my next visit to the salon) - but for now I am in love with the colour, design and length... Just the overall look in general!

However, as this is my first time having super long nails, I have noticed some difficulties in handling things in general... The small things in life that you wouldn't normally even blink an eyelid at! For example, I went into town to go shopping immediately after having them done, and trying to zip and button up some shorts I was trying on was a bit of a laugh - I had to get my mate to do them up for me haha! Also, typing up this post is taking its time, yet I am quickly learning that practice makes perfect, and I will get used to doing these little tasks soon!

The positives definitely outweigh the minor negatives though, I mean, just look at them!! Not only do I feel super girly (which I love), but they are fab! Also, what girl doesn't love a pamper every now and again? I can't wait to rock these at the festival next weekend, and am super looking forward to my next trip to the salon :)

As always, thanks for reading. Have any of you guys had acrylics? What's your best and worst experiences with them? Let me know!


WONDERLAND: Bargain Bristol Trip

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Thursday, August 04, 2016

After hearing that return tickets to Bristol were only £5 (!?) - please bare in mind that this is really good as where I live is a considerable distance away - my boyfriend asked if I wanted to go and spend the night over there. Now, Bristol may seem a bit random, but the only thing I had ever seen of Bristol in person is the airport, and I was intrigued as to what the city had to offer. (Not that hearing there is a Victoria's Secret in the shopping centre tempted my decision at all...)

So off on the snazzy-looking coach we went, and after a 3 hour and a bit journey we had arrived to a gloomy looking Bristol - Cabot Circus to be precise! Which meant it was a bit of a trek to our hotel, ibis Bristol Centre, located on the waterfront. Y'know what though? I didn't even mind the trek to the hotel because the location was lovely! We were surrounded by restaurants, a futuristic-looking mirrored ball thing (I think its connected to the Aquarium, so I'm guessing you'll be able to go inside), the River Avon and loads of poke-stops - yes I am on the Pokemon Go bandwagon at 19 years of age... I dunno whether I should be proud or ashamed probably ashamed, but I'm not as bad as my boyfriend who was on it quite a lot:

 See, I even caught him in the act - he was only catching a Golbat as well?! Ridiculous! Nah I'm only kidding, I ended up being just as much of a nerd/loser.

Okay, well you're probably wondering about Bristol and how I saw it. Luckily for you guys I did take a few snaps, I didn't take any of Cabot Circus unfortunately, but I'm sure you'll see it on google or whatever!

 Those photos were all on our way to our hotel! The mirrored ball thing I was yapping on about earlier and water feature were literally right outside our hotel which I thought was pretty cool. The shopping centre itself however was a 20-25 minute walk, which might seem like a bit of a trek, but to be honest it isn't actually too far and it's nice to wonder around and see what Bristol has to offer - and yes, Victoria's Secret was amazing!

I have a few more pictures from our evening where we went to this AMAZINGGGGG food place called Za Za Bazaar. It's a buffet style restaurant which was like a 2 minute walk, if that, from where we were staying. You might be thinking 'buffet? Well that doesn't sound very appealing', but it is totally different to any other buffet-style restaurant that I have encountered. They have different stations: one for Indian cuisine, another for European (so pasta, pizza, fish 'n' chips etc etc), Tex-Mex (burgers, hot dogs, burrito's etc), Far East (Chinese take-away style food), Salad - but who really cares about salad at a buffet!?, and Desserts! Also, at some stations you can ask the chef to cook you something and they make it for you right before your eyes! I didn't take pictures of how cool it is inside, but I did take a picture of our food, but it doesn't do it justice AT ALL, cos we both just piled on the food, not bothered by the presentation.

Anywho these are the evening pics!

Yeah this pic reallyyyyy doesn't do it justice, but just trust me that this is the best buffet place ever! Also, great if you have kids - they have anything and everything. I have a younger sister, so I know how fussy they can be!

After our pigging out sesh, we felt like we had to go and walk it off (which didn't really work, as I probably put on 2 stone in one sitting haha!)

Once our night in the hotel was up, we rushed to Wetherspoons to add some more fuel, then quickly looked around Cabot Circus for any last minute bits, to then catch the coach back home in order to get back in time for MTV Crashes!! (Might do a blog post on it... don't know if I can remember to much of it though hehe).

Although not normally known to be a place to have a bit of a 'getaway', Bristol is actually quite a snazzy place - especially where we were staying. The food is amazing, so if you're a foodie like me, definitely go!! The shopping is pretty spot on as well, which has been made even better with their recent-ish edition of Victoria's Secret! Have any of you been to Bristol, or even live there? Is there anywhere I should check out if I go up again?

Hope you're all having a lovely summer!!

Cheerio xo