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Monday, September 11, 2017
Make-up brushes come in all shapes and sizes, and can really vary in price and quality, so it can be quite difficult deciding which brushes to buy. One of the cheaper options out there is the BH Cosmetics brush set(s). I first saw these brush sets on a Beauty Bay advert on my Facebook, and I could hardly believe the price of the sets! All of the eyeshadow brush sets seem to come in some sort of storage, from a roll-up bag to a little decorative box, costing between £20-£32!!

Unfortunately for me, as I was scrolling through all the different options, almost all of the brush sets had sold out. After about 20 mins of looking, I eventually found the 15 Piece Rose Gold Makeup Brush Set which cost £32.99 on Beauty Bay. In comparison to the other beauty brands selling brushes on the website, it was definitely the cheapest, and the best value for money, so naturally... I caved and purchased it.

When it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised. The brushes came in a dark brown, faux leather, quilted roll-mat/bag, with a gorgeous gold detail to open/shut the mat. As for the brushes, they are also very beautiful to look at; they have a light brown handle, gold details and the brush heads are super duper soft considering how much they cost.

There seems to be 3 face brushes including a big fluffy powder brush, an angled brush which I am guessing could be used for contouring and blush, and a small foundation brush. Personally, I do not think I will be reaching for the foundation brush much, just sheerly because of its design and the size. I prefer to use either a beauty blender sponge, or a slightly dense synthetic foundation brush. As for the other two brushes, they are very soft and a good size, so I will probably use them, and I think they are a good addition to any collection.

The majority (10) of the brushes in this set are eyeshadow orientated. I am not mad about the fact that there are so many eyeshadow brushes in this set, as I like to have options... When applying your base make-up you only need 3-4 brushes, so I am not bothered at the fact that there are only 3 face brushes in comparison to 10 eyeshadow brushes.

However, what I will say is that there are loads of the same style brush... which does make me slightly mad, as it isn't even the most useful shape! They are all flat - good for applying concealer for a cut crease, and also more glittery shades on top of that... But, you only really need 2 (maybe 3) brushes for that. Why do we need so many of that style?! I just don't get it! Literally, the only variation of it is the size!

In the set, there is a tapered blending brush. It is the fluffiest eyeshadow brush in this set, and is my favourite. It collects product like a dream, and blends it out super easy, and it is nice and soft on the eye. I cannot recommend that brush enough! There are 2 eyeliner brushes - one fine, and one angled... I don't tend to use these type of brushes, but they seem pretty sturdy and soft, so I think they will work fine.

There is also a small tapered blending brush, which I used it to blend a darker colour into my crease. It isn't as easy to work with as the fluffier blending brush, but it isn't terrible and does the job. It isn't as soft; it is denser, so perhaps that is why it didn't blend as easy as the other one. It's no biggie though, as it isn't the worst brush I have ever used. Another brush included is the tapered smudge brush, which I used like a pencil brush - I am not entirely sure if they are the same thing, but yeah. I used it under my eye and it did an amazing job. It dragged the colour out easily, and felt nice on my skin. Again, it did the job, so I would recommend this brush!

Finally, there is a spooled brush and a brow and lash grooming brush. Not essential in a brush set, but are very handy - especially if you have to deal with a clumpy mascara!

All in all, I believe this set does deliver in terms of the quality. The price really is exceptional for its high quality, soft brushes that really do do the job that is at hand. However, I am disappointed with the lack of variety with the eyeshadow brushes. I think it would be much more beneficial to include a couple of other fluffy brushes, just so you can use a clean brush to further blend out the edges. I would happily recommend this companies brushes to a friend, I would suggest possibly looking for one with more of a range of eyeshadow brushes, but it isn't any biggie!

Unfortunately this set is sold out on Beauty Bay, however, the BH Cosmetics site has loads of there brush sets still available... And they are on sale! It is in US dollars, however it does state that they do international shipping! You can purchase the 15 Piece Rose Gold Makeup Brush Set online here for $14.73 - an absolute bargain if you ask me! Go get it!!
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