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Wednesday, August 27, 2014
Today has been an exceptionally long day. Knowing it was 2 for 1 on cinema tickets using the Orange Wednesday code, we decided to go to the cinema; myself, my mum, my dad, my 7 year old sister - Mia, my 8 & 9 year old cousins - Kayleigh & Jack, and my auntie. As we were going with children, obviously we had to watch a kids film, and the only one on was 'The Unbeatables'. Unfortunately, this meant waking up extremely early to leave the house at 9am! (That for me is pretty early in the morning folks...)

The weather has been pretty horrible today, so actually, it was a perfect day to venture out with the fam to the cinema... I mean what else could I do on a rainy day? Erm... Your homework that you were meant to do during the whole of the summer holidays?

When we arrived at the cinema complex and booked our tickets, I don't know what happened to my famalam, but we turned into arcade machine maniacs! My mum and I delved onto the pub quiz machines, playing their version of my favourite quiz show 'The Chase', whilst my dad, as always, went straight for the stacker machine. Normally, I would agree with people and say that the stacker machine is a waste of money. However, my dad has won a Nintendo DSi and two £50 notes via these machines in the past, so my opinions of that machine have definitely changed. Although today, that machine was 100% a waste of money... He didn't win a thing!

We then watched the film, which I really wouldn't recommend if you are my age. However, if you have kids or know anyone that has, who enjoy football, then this would be a great film for them to see. My sister and cousins loved every minute of it. For me though, I found it a very random and not very put-together film... I just didn't really get it. Well... I did, but I dunno, it's a very odd tale indeed!

Anywho, after the film had finally finished, we pondered over to Pizza Hut, where we literally stuffed our faces! At the time, it was a really lovely meal, but thinking about everything I ate just makes me feel ill now! I'm still super duper full now! I think I may need a day to detox tomorrow... 

I shared half a large pizza with my mum - my half was the 'Chicken Supreme', which I totally recommend, it's super delicious. I also had a salad bowl, mainly filled with bell peppers, red onions, cous cous and cold pasta. I nabbed everyone elses chips as well... even though I was horrifically stuffed. Ohhh man, someone needs to stop me!!

Can we just take a moment to appreciate my aunties dessert though... I don't know what it's called, possibly a Banoffee Waffle? Something like that anyways.

And yes, that is honeycomb ice cream on the side there - mmm
Finally, we ended the day by having a game of bowling. I didn't play, because in order to have 7 people play, you need two lanes and that would have been an hour and a half wait! I still can't believe how busy it was in there, I guess everyone had the same idea as us! I don't mind though, I'm not really a keen bowler, so I was just happy to sit and watch.

Here's a sneaky glimpse of my outfit that I wore, just in case you guys are interested:

My jeans are from Topshop, my blouse/shirt is from H&M, and my jacket is my beloved bargain from Primark.

On a family day out, I could not just end my post without some sort of family photo:

Oh, what is my dad like!? And my sister for that matter, the poser!
I hope you all had a lovely day! What did you get up to? As always, thank-you for reading.

Cheerio x

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