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Wednesday, June 08, 2016
So here's a funny story.
About a month ago, I ordered a Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit, however I can't really remember ordering it. Noooooo I wasn't drunk, which would have been a pretty good excuse, but instead I was super duper tired, doing the rounds on Instagram and saw an insta post about a restock and thought 'yolo'.
To be fair, I am kind of glad I did, since these things are like gold dust. They are pretty much impossible to get hold of - especially living in the UK when it is around midnight that they are restocked.
I am a numpty though, as I only thought two matte lip kits were on sale due to the website layout on my iPhone, therefore my tired mind decided to order 'Exposed', Kylie's newest nude (it was either that, or 'Kourt K' which is a purple colour... Even though there was actually more of a choice *insert monkey with hands over eyes emoji*).
After about 3 weeks of waiting, my kind of unwanted/much anticipated order arrived. I must say, the packaging is spot on, you even get a note from Kylie Jenner herself not that it is a copy or anything...

See look how nice that box is!! Gosh, I am so sad - getting all excited about packaging...

As you can see, my photography skills are on pointtttt. That's what you get when you have a crappy camera with no manual focus! 

The applicator for the lipgloss is different to what I expected. I was expecting to have a brush, but instead have the good-old doe-foot applicator. This isn't a problem really, as I have heard that when the original lip kits were sold with the brush end, it was a bit of a disaster, with the brush end being in poor quality on arrival. I believe that the doe-foot makes it easier to control the application of the lipgloss, which is such a dream as the lipgloss is heavy duty, and once it is on... It is ON. Like, it is so tough to remove, so all hail the doe-foot applicator for easy application and control.

The lip liner reminds me a lot of MAC. It seems to be plastic-y, so I am unsure if you can sharpen it - I am yet to try that, and am very hesitant as I don't wanna ruin my £31 purchase. Hopefully it does though, because I want to get my full moneys worth!

The colour is much darker than what I thought it would be. On other skin colours, this may be a nude, however for me it was much too dark - more of a dark brown shade. It is taking some getting used to, as normally I wear either reds or lighter pink shades, but I do actually think I like it. I can't lie, it isn't something I grab for everyday, I can live without it, but if I don't feel like wearing much make-up, it does add a bit of a statement to whatever you are wearing. I do want to warn you guys that if you are pale skinned, with blonde hair and blue eyes like me, and you are looking for a nude shade, then this isn't the colour for you - however, if you are looking for a brown shade, then go for it! Also, those who have darker features, I would suggest buying this shade.
Okay, as for the formula - I was pleasantly surprised. It feels so weird when you first apply it, but it drys so fast - and once it is there, it doesn't budge all day. However, it does suffer when you are eating, although I guess it depends on the food - I had an curry (which was mmmmm taste), and the colour faded, and it felt crumbly on my lips. It is a little drying, but you get used to it after a while. 
All in all, I am impressed with the staying power of this matte lipgloss, however, the colour just is not my favourite. I am planning on purchasing a few more shades soon, such a Posie K, Koko K and Mary Jo K, so hopefully they will suit me better! 

Have any of you guys managed to get your hands on a lip kit yet? What do you think of it? 
For any of you that haven't had a chance to purchase one yet, I hope this review type of post helped ya!
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