WONDERLAND - Lovely, sunny walk

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016
It was super sunny yesterday - a rarity in Cornwall, where it is normally chucking it down with rain, and we're left indoors gnawing away at our pasties... I'm joking of course, but the weather in the UK is generally temperamental, so when the sun is out, you have to make the most of it! I embarked on a little adventure with my friends (who are sisters) and their dog, and when we reached an overgrown path, I just knew I had to take a photo - even though the image is a tad blurry on my phone. The hedges and plants may have been a bloody pain to get through, however it makes a pretty magical photo!

Now I've finished university for the summer - first year done woohoooooo!! - I have got a lot of time on my hands (aside from work of course). If any of you have any ideas of things to do in the sun or whatever, please let me know as I am so bad at sorting out plans! Hope you've all had sunny weather to enjoy!
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