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Tuesday, January 26, 2016
Weirdly, I am writing this on my birthday, however I will have been 19 for over a week once I've uploaded this!
I can't actually believe that I am nearly 20, like wutttttttt?? Where has the time gone?! 
This is the first year that I haven't been excited for my bday though... Is that a sign that I'm getting old? I hope not!! I think that the reason I'm not excited is because I find being 19 is such a mehhhhh age, y'know what I mean?
When you're 16, you're legal for scratch cards and woohoo (anyone who plays the Sims will understand that term... For those who don't - I mean hanky panky, and if you still don't understand then tough).
When you're 17, you can learn how to drive - which I still haven't even thought about.
When you're 18, you can drink and gamble to your hearts galore!!
But, when you're 19, what can you celebrate about? In fact it's just depressing because it does signify the end of your teens, which is heck of a scary cos I can't adult very well.

Anywho, I did take a few pics of my bday night out, in which I can't remember a thing and left me with a terrible hangover - cue the 'I'm never drinking again!!!'... Such a lie

What I wore - although you can't see the majority! I'll try and link up, and find pictures of as many things as poss!

Dress - Missguided 
(I couldn't find my dress - but here's an alternative AND it's in the sale!!)
Slinky Plunge Ruched Bodycon Dress Chocolate Brown
Shoes (although you can't see them) - New Look

Earrings - Topshop (couldn't find mine, but these are a cool alternative)
Clutch - Lipsy London
Image 1 of Lipsy Reversible Clutch Bag

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you want to see what presents I got, or anything else.
What was your favourite birthday?



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